Colour vision deficiency is the decreased ability to see the colour or differences in the colours.

The most common cause of colour blindness is an inherited fault in the development of one or more of three sets of colour sensing cones in the eye . Males are more likely to be colour blind than females. Incidence  in male is 1 in 12 men and in female 1 in 200 females as the genes responsible for the most common forms of colour blindness are on “X” chromosome  .

Diagnosis is done with the ISHIHARA COLOUR CHART TEST .


  1. Chronic illness -Alzheimer’s disease , Diabetes Mellitus. , Glaucoma , Leukaemia , liver disease, Chronic alcoholism , Macular degeneration , Multiple sclerosis , Parkinson’s disease, Sickle cell anaemia , Retinitis pigmentosa
  2. Drugs causing colour blindness – Barbiturates, antituberculosis drugs , antihypertensive drugs .

No cure for hereditary or genetic colour blindness. If you become aware of a colour deficiency early enough in life you may be a

COLOUR BLINDNESSble to compensate by training for one of the many careers to see in a full range of colour.

Special lenses are available to enhance the colour perception.

How can you detect colour blindness by yourself?

  • Colour blind person sees green colour as brown colour.
  • Regular eye check-up at doctor clinic is recommended so that it can be detected.

Ishchiara chart


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