LASEK Eye Surgery Recovery Time: How Long is the LASEK Eye Surgery Recovery Time?

LASEK Eye Surgery Recovery Time

Laser epithelial keratomileusis, commonly referred to as LASEK, is a go-to surgery for anyone with vision or cornea issues. It has been proven successful in correcting multiple eye complications and bringing relief to people.

The healing and recovery time for patients undergoing LASEK surgery primarily depends on the intensity of the procedure and the severity of your vision. It often varies from one person to another and tends to be affected by numerous aspects.

Before we get into the complete recovery process for LASEK surgery, let’s explore all the nuances of the procedure.

What is the Recovery Time for Laser Eye Surgery?

LASEK eye surgery can be healed within 24 hours of the treatment, with the patient being able to see almost immediately. This is often the case for people with relatively lesser eye power.

As the vision goes higher, the surgeries can take longer to heal. These patients take time to adjust once their corneal flap has been replaced. In case of any complications, the recovery time might be extended as well.

Most patients can aim to resume work within a week after the surgery in normal cases. This gives you enough time to become familiar with the initial discomfort, which tends to fade away over a period of time.

Why Does Recovery From LASEK Take Longer?

While the LASEK treatment is minimally invasive, it is vital to remember that it is still surgery. It is essential to give enough rest to your eyes after they have been operated on.

The recovery often takes longer because your eyes can have some discomfort after the surgery, and the healing process makes sure the corneal flap is adjusted effectively. Proper medications can help bring quick relief to the patient.

What Can Patients Do To Help Recovery From LASEK Surgery?

While the recovery takes time, patients can avoid doing things that further aggravate the issue. Post-surgery, your eyes are expected to become light-sensitive, and thus you must always keep sunglasses close by.

You are advised not to drive or have excess screen time during the healing process. This causes increased irritation. Rubbing your eyes or wearing contact lenses can also worsen the situation. Wearing an eye patch is also recommended to ensure proper healing.

Activities You Can Do After LASEK Eye Surgery

Although you have had eye surgery, there are many things you can still do to keep up with your daily routine. All these activities should be done after careful consideration, and anytime your eyes feel uneasy, you must stop them all!

Some of the most common activities you can go ahead with include:

  • Once your initial irritation goes away, you can start driving 2-3 days post-surgery.
  • Nevertheless, you must consult with your surgeon and get his approval before starting.
  • You can start putting on makeup after a week of your surgery. However, avoid having a lot applied to your eyes for a few weeks.
  • You can also start taking baths after a day or two of the surgery. Choosing bathing over a shower is recommended since it will protect your eyes from getting wet for a long time.
  • While you are re-start your aerobic exercises after close to 3 days of the surgery, high-impact activities should be held for a few weeks as they can irritate your eyes.


All in all, a LASEK surgery can take from 2 to 5 days for recovery in normal cases, but you can make the healing process easier by preventing any additional irritation. At times, high-intensity procedures can take up to several months for your eyes to completely heal.

With the advances in healthcare, you can get effective medications that help heal the eyes quickly. However, during the entire recovery, give enough rest to your eyes at all times!

LASEK Eye Surgery Recovery Time: FAQs

Have questions regarding LASEK eye surgery?

We have got you!

Helping you get through your eye surgery healing process quickly and providing utmost clarity on various aspects, here are some of the frequently asked questions and the most relevant answers for them all!

Q1. Can I Watch TV After LASEK Eye Surgery?

Due to the increased sensitivity to light, you must avoid watching TV for at least 24 hours after getting the LASEK surgery. This makes sure your eyes do not get irritated due to exposure to the radiation.

Q2. How Long Is The Recovery Period For LASEK?

The recovery period for a LASEK eye surgery is often from 24 hours to 4 days in normal cases. In case of any complications or high intensity of the procedure, the complete healing may take up to 6 months.

Q3. Is LASEK More Painful Than LASIK?

In most cases, LASEK eye surgery can be more painful than LASIK. This is primarily because of the intense procedure. Although the treatment is more painful, LASEK recovery tends to last for 2 days on average.

Q4. Which One Is Better, LASIK Or LASEK?

If the patient has normal conditions and passes the eligibility criterion, LASIK surgery is preferred over LASEK eye treatment. The latter can be opted by people with thin corneas who don’t qualify for LASIK eligibility.

Q5. How Long Do Eyes Hurt After LASEK?

According to patients, the eyes hurt for about 2 days after the surgery, which is normal. You can also wear eye bandages to prevent any infection.

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