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Lasik Eye surgery - Dr Jeevan LadiPallavi giving detailed review of her lasik surgery done at Dada Laser Eye Institute. She is now enjoying complete spectacle free life !

Relex SMILE surgery - Dada Laser Eye InstituteManali sharing her Relex SMILE surgery experience.

Both eyes lasik - Dada Laser Eye InstituteManan Shah , expressing his joy of spectacle free life. He has done lasik surgery on both eyes at Dada Laser Eye Institute.

ReLEx SMILE 30 UReLEx SMILE through 2 mm opening

Ladi Laser Vision - lasik surgeryLasik surgery for high cylindrical number. Watch out patient review about customVue lasik, Dada laser eye institute and Dr. Jeevan ladi and overall experience about surgery

Dada Laser Eye TestimonialsAll services in treatments related to ophthalmology namely comprehensive eye check up, eye spectacle power, specializes eye treatments like Laser for spectacle removal, Bladeless cataract surgery Retina , Glaucoma, Oculoplasty, paediatric ophthalmology.

Relex smile surgery - Detailed reviewMalika is giving detailed review of her relex smile surgery. Take a look at it once !

Bladeless Cataract Surgery ReviewDr. Purnima thakur flew down to India from US to have cataract surgery. Happy to hear from her such feedback !

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