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It is the latest generation of Laser vision correction beyond PRK and Lasik. It has made spectacle and contact Lens removal procedure more safe, accurate and quick.

SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction or SMILE also known as Refractive LEnticule extraction or ReLEx

There is no use of injection, blade or patching of eye. The eye is numbed by only eye drops. You can start seeing immediately after procedure and can start routine activities. Resuming of job, hair bath, cooking, driving, swimming, travelling etc can be started from second day of ReLEx SMILE procedure.
It is so safe that even the inadvertent eye rubbing creates no problem in the operated eye.
Here the technique used is Femto Second Laser which by keeping the cornea intact and just by using a small lenticule corrects the power.
Why SMILE or ReLEx is better than other Laser procedures??
Answer is … any other laser procedure involves lot of cornea either in making flap in Lasik (cutting the upper layer of cornea) or by dissolving the cornea (PRK). PRK involves lots of precautions and medication post surgery till the cornea becomes stable. Talking about ReLEx SMILE, it is the only bladeless and flapless ALL LASER technique which involves only 2 mm opening on eye / cornea. It gives you correction by keeping the cornea as stable and natural as it was before the surgery.
ReLEx SMILE has unique advantages like less inflammation, faster healing and earliest resuming of routine work or Job.
The precision is achieved by use of Robotic technology. It has Robotic Cup, Patient Interface (PI), which mediates between Zeiss, Visumax machine and an eye of a person having spectacle number. For each eye separate PI with unique code is used. This measures and removes your number disc (Lenticule), by using Femto Second Laser technology, from the eye in very precise manner. Since the number disc comes out through only 2 mm opening healing & vision recovery is very fast.
Any procedure done for reducing dependency on spectacle or contact Lens is known as Refractive Procedure / Surgery. There are many methods of correction like ReLEx SMILE, Lasik, Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA), PRK, Epi-Lasik, LASEK, Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) and above the age of 50 years replacing of human Lens or Cataract with implantation of Multifocal or Symfony Lens. If cataract is absent above the age of 50 years ReLEx SMILE or Lasik can be done safely. We at Dada Laser Eye Institute are equipped with all possible Refractive technologies available in word. The choice of procedure is decided after detail eye testing and discussing correct procedure suitable for your eyes.

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